Samosa (Vegan)

Crisp turnover, filled with mildly spiced potatoes and peas

French Fries (Vegan)

Golden, crispy French fries seasoned with

Veg Spring Rolls (Vegan)

Deep-fried wrapped corn flour roti’s filled with cauliflower, carrot, and spices

Pani Puri (Vegan)

Seven Pcs puri filled with potato, chickpeas tamarind chutney and served with chilled spicy water

Mix Pakoda (Vegan)

Mixed vegetables seasoned and fried to perfection

Gobhi 65 (Vegan)

Crispy fried snack made with cauliflower

Chole Puri (Vegan)

Two pieces of deep fried WHOLE WHEAT puffed bread served with chickpeas curry

Aloo Gobhi (Vegan)

Cauliflower and potatoes, cooked with mild spices